Office Staff Phone Extensions

Camden County Educational Services Commission
225 White Horse Avenue   
Clementon, New Jersey 08021   
Phone Ext./Fax
Education Office   

Elisa DiLolle
Supervisor of Special Services
Work Phone: 139 Work Fax: 856-346-1342
Patricia Russo
Supervisor of Instruction
Work Phone: 125 Work Fax: 856-346-1342
Mary Hartsell
Program Manager – Clinical
Work Phone: 117 Work Fax: 856-346-4916
Nina Longer
Program Manager
Work Phone: 132 Work Fax: 856-346-1342
Rachael Clancy
Structured Learning Experience Coordinator
Work Phone: 734 Work Fax: 856-346-1342
Susan Aitken
Education Assistant
Work Phone: 120 Work Fax: 856-346-1342
Debbie Magill
Special Education Assistant
Work Phone: 122 Work Fax: 856-346-1342
Thayis Nicholson
Office Assistant
Work Phone: 121 Home Fax: 856-346-1342

Transportation Office

Rita Carfagno
Transportation Manager
Work Phone: 129 Work Fax: 856-309-1026

Elisha Campbell
Transportation Clerk
Work Phone: 118 Work Fax: 856-309-1026
Diane Clerico
Transportation Clerk
Work Phone: 131 Work Fax: 856-309-1026
Sandra Galarza
Transportation Clerk
Work Phone: 124 Work Fax: 856-309-1026
Anne Lopez
Transportation Clerk
Work Phone: 128 Work Fax: 856-309-1026
Betsy Resto
Transportation Assistant
Work Phone: 119 Work Fax: 856-309-1026
Gloria Zuckerman
Transportation Assistant
Work Phone: 133 Work Fax: 856-309-1026

Michael Amato
Ann Napolsky

Information Systems Office
Tom Fitzgerald
Technology Coordinator
Work Phone: 137 Work Fax: 856-346-1342
Joe McMullen
Software Support Specialist
Work Phone: 123 Work Fax: 856-309-1026
Business Office
Joan Ludlam
Human Resources Assistant
Work Phone: 113 Work Fax: 856-346-4916
Sheila MacNeill
Accounts Payable
Work Phone: 110 Work Fax: 856-346-4916
Wendy Magitz
Assistant to the Business Administrator II
Work Phone: 111 Work Fax: 856-346-4916
Sandy McCloskey
Accounts Receivable
Work Phone: 106 Work Fax: 856-346-4916
Central Office/Administration

Daniel Del Vecchio
Work Phone: 104 Work Fax: 856-346-4916
Patrick Madden
Business Administrator
Work Phone: 108 Work Fax: 856-346-4916

Sue McKinney
Assistant to Central Office Administration
Work Phone: 126 Work Fax: 856-346-4916